The Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network is a veteran, military personnel and their family members wellness & entertainment channel sponsored by the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel). The VSPChannel operates as an effective way to help promote healing in its viewers. The VSPChannel website is located at:
The success of the VSPChannel website for veteran suicide prevention led to the creation of the Austin Veteran Arts Festival (AVAFEST), which, in turn, prompted the creation of the Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network. The VSPChannel, which was officially founded on January 16, 2015, as a nonprofit 501c3 organization, is the main sponsor and owner of the Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network, and all donations are tax-deductible.
This network seeks to create, promote and broadcast modalities of treatment that can be viewed by a wider audience. The Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network will become a reliable source of treatment, entertainment, and information for veterans and military personnel that will be accessible to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is our belief that by providing this service, we can begin to decrease the number of veteran suicides and improve the overall health of our viewers. The VSPChannel has proven to be effective in preventing suicides through personal testimony by its viewers. On occasion, veterans leave messages with the VSPChannel attesting to the power of its broadcasts.

The creation of AVAFEST in 2018, and the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic created a need for the Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network. The festival has been embraced by veterans and veterans organizations throughout America. Now, AVAFEST will have a home on the Veterans’ Arts & Wellness Network every year. During this year’s AVAFEST, we will also broadcast segments of the first two AVAFEST events held in 2018 and 2019. Veterans’ organizations and all veterans are eligible to submit an idea for a show.

However, rest assured that the Veterans’ Arts and Wellness Network will broadcast wellness to veterans and the world all year long. For additional information visit:, or